Opening Hours: Wednesday and Thursday 10-5pm, Friday 9-3pm. 

Our Vision: 

All women, teenage girls and children reaching their full potential.

The Women's Centre is for all women

All services, facilities and workshops are available on a self selection basis. This is important in that women need to choose to come. We don’t target a specific age range. Our facilities are used by women from newborn babies to any age.


The Women’s Centre provides support, encouragement and education in a safe environment for women. A primary aim of the centre is to provide a good environment for communication and relationship development. Communication and human connection is a key factor in growth and development, support and education services and in women, developing good relationships with family, children and the wider community.



We run a continuous range of self help groups and courses, e.g. Assertiveness, Self Esteem, Anger Management, Meditation and Self Esteem for Teenage Girls.

The centre fills a special role in that it can be quite anonymous, women can talk, they don’t need to fit a criteria, they don’t need assessing, they don’t need to pay. This service is used daily and is essential for the Lower Hutt community. The centre provides drop-in facilities. All women from all cultures and ages are welcome at the centre. The drop-in facilities provided are a meeting place for women, a time out space and a friendly environment for a chat and support.

We have a library open to members.

We believe women need specific services for women-only to work on issues of self esteem, assertiveness and parenting skills.

Women-only because:

 The gender dynamics are not there which enables women to take responsibility for their own actions.

  • Women can realise their own strengths.
  • Women can experience the value in developing friendships and community.
  • Women-only is a safe environment for some women.
  • It shows the importance and value of women and what they do.
  • This is a place to look at gender difference, roles and their own place in that.
  • We believe the woman is the pivot of the family. Her self esteem and well-being is essential to the well-being of her family. Education and empowerment of the mother educates and empowers the family and the community. 


Women can, if they have the facilities, participate in education and self development before crisis situations arrive. Women will know that problems are developing and we supply the facilities for women to begin work on their own issues so they can make positive choices and interventions before crisis situations arrive. Our main focus is group work, but women often come to the centre individually and most often after initial contact, the women choose to go into group work at the centre or at some other agency, or if need be a counselling service.

Our Mission

The Lower Hutt Women's Centre acts as a community resource centre for Women, Teenage Girls and Children, working towards and with, education, empowerment, the promotion of mental health, healing and recovery for all women and families in the community. We seek to address feminist goals which seek to empower, support, educate and resource women to lead full and meaningful lives and to work toward social justice and equity.

Our Philosophy

  • We recognise and work in the spirit of the Tiriti O Waitangi.
  • We confront women's oppression and empower women to take control of their own lives.
  • We oppose discrimination by those who have power against those who do not. This includes discrimination against women, especially Maori women, Pacific Islands women, women of colour, lesbians, and those who are differently abled, young, old, working class, and those with different spiritual beliefs.
  • We promote a safe and supportive environment for all women and children.
  • We promote the sharing of power and resources.
  • We act as a resource and information centre for the community.